About Dataminr

Dataminr transforms real-time data from Twitter and other public sources into actionable alerts, identifying the most relevant information in real-time for clients in Finance, the Public Sector, News, Corporate Security, and Crisis Management. Dataminr has pioneered a groundbreaking technology that identifies, classifies, and determines the significance of real-time information and delivers relevant alerts and verification analytics through high-value applications.

Dataminr for Finance is currently used by the world’s leading hedge funds and investment banks to take action on early market moving information and gain perspective and context from differentiated information. Dataminr also services a number of clients in the Public Sector, providing alerts on breaking news and events when lives are at stake. In partnership with Twitter, Dataminr developed and launched Dataminr for News, which alerts journalists to breaking news in advance of traditional sources and is now used by hundreds of news organizations globally. Most recently, Dataminr launched a product for Corporate Security and Crisis Management watch centers that warns the world’s largest corporations to emerging crises, ensuring that a corporation’s physical assets and employees are protected.

The company was founded in 2009 by former Yale undergraduate roommates Ted Bailey, Jeff Kinsey and Sam Hendel, combining their professional experience in social media, technology innovation, and finance.

Dataminr has over 150 employees and is headquartered in New York City, with offices in DC, London, Seattle, and Montana.

Dataminr has raised $180M and is backed by Venrock, Institutional Venture Partners, Fidelity, Wellington, and Credit Suisse.

Dataminr’s strategic partnership with Twitter includes real-time access to all public tweets.

Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

Ted Bailey

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Bailey

Chief Strategy Officer

Jeff Kinsey

Chief Technology Officer

Julio Pekarovic

Chief Financial Officer

Frances Cooperman

Senior Vice-President, Marketing

Steven Schwartz

President, Commercial Markets

Jason Wilcox

Senior Vice-President, Engineering

Senior Leadership

Michael DiOrio

Vice-President, Operations

Daniel Dunn

Vice-President, Product Engineering

George Goldman

Vice-President, Finance

Ingrid Kessler

Vice-President, People

Ryan Lallier

Vice-President, Inside Sales

Joel Meyer

Senior Vice-President, Public Sector

Nicole Miles

Vice-President, Operations Engineering

Mark Norman

Vice-President, News

Julian Pan

Chief Data Scientist

Patrick Ryan

Senior Vice-President, Public Sector

Dillon Twombly

Vice-President, Corporate Security

Ryan Wilcox

Vice-President, Revenue Operations

Board of Directors

Stephen Dow


Nick Beim


Stephen A. Ross


Our Investors

Dataminr investors include Fidelity, Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), Venrock, and other investors from the financial industry.