Announcing Dataminr for News in partnership with Twitter & CNN

Today, I am thrilled to announce our upcoming launch of Dataminr for News, a new product developed in close partnership with Twitter and CNN. Dataminr for News will provide newsrooms around the world with a powerful new technology to rapidly discover emerging information on Twitter.

With more than 500 million Tweets sent per day, identifying critical information when it first emerges on Twitter is a tremendous challenge. Dataminr’s unique technology solves this challenge by algorithmically discovering, qualifying, categorizing and alerting clients to key information in real-time.

Powered by the same proprietary pattern-recognition algorithms behind Dataminr’s highly successful Finance and Public Sector products, Dataminr for News delivers a customizable set of alerts directly into the user’s existing work-flow. This creates a seamless, real-time bridge between the front edge of Twitter and decision-makers in the newsroom.

We’ve worked closely with CNN to develop Dataminr for News. They’ve been an ideal partner given their best-in-class newsgathering operation, global focus, and strong commitment to innovation. By integrating our alpha product into their daily workflow, reporters at CNN were able to offer invaluable feedback about the product and its algorithms.

“We were pleased to collaborate with Dataminr to help shape their capabilities in the news space. We believe this partnership represents the future of newsgathering.” – KC Estenson, SVP/GM of CNN Digital

Dataminr has been a partner of Twitter’s since 2011. Since then, we’ve been working with Twitter to enable professionals in various industries –– first in Finance and then Public Sector, and now in News –– to find what is essentially a needle in a haystack among the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent every day.

“Dataminr’s technology represents some of the best real-time Twitter analysis we’ve seen. Its ability to identify critical Tweets almost immediately makes it a great tool for news organizations. Today’s announcement is an exciting step not only for Twitter in the newsroom, but also for the broader Twitter ecosystem.” – Jana Messerschmidt, VP of Business Development and Platform Relations, Twitter

Dataminr for News will be available to all news agencies globally in 2014. We are excited by the prospect of transforming newsgathering with Twitter and are confident that journalists around the world will find our product to be crucial to their news-making.

Ted Bailey, Founder and CEO of Dataminr


Ted Bailey Speaks at the CNN, Twitter & Dataminr News Conference


Dataminr For News:
Dataminr for News provides newsrooms with an innovative new product for identifying breaking news and emerging trends by alerting journalists to real-time leads for them to investigate further. Journalists don’t have to watch an overwhelming stream of information; the most actionable Tweets find them.

Journalists are able to set targeted alerts for certain types of breaking information that are then delivered automatically via application, email, pop-up, even instant message, depending on a user’s preference. Dataminr for News can be customized depending on a user’s particular topics of interest and regions of focus. Dataminr for News can also be directly integrated into existing internal client systems.

Dataminr for News is an enterprise product, with applicability across the newsroom. It doesn’t only provide alerts, but also offers a broad range of follow-on real-time analytics to contextualize and verify information. This enables users to seamlessly integrate Tweets directly into their news-making. Dataminr for News helps the newsroom harness the full power of Twitter.

About Dataminr:
Founded in 2009 by Ted Bailey, Jeff Kinsey and Sam Hendel, Dataminr is the leading real-time information discovery company. Dataminr transforms the Public Twitter Stream into actionable alerts, identifying the most relevant information in real-time for clients in Finance, News  and the Public Sector. Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Dataminr instantly analyzes all public Tweets and delivers the earliest warning for breaking news, real-world events, off-the-radar content and emerging trends. Dataminr clients receive information first, ahead of traditional sources.

With offices in New York City and Washington DC, Dataminr currently has over 60 employees. Dataminr’s successful financial product is currently on the desktop at over 50 financial firms with over $500B in combined assets under management. Dataminr also services a number of clients in the Public Sector, providing information first when there are lives at stake. Dataminr has raised $50M and is backed by Venrock and Institutional Venture Partners.

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