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If Twitter isn’t the most valuable data source around, it’s at least the most flexible

4 Feb 2014:

Dataminr has become one of the more successful companies to build its business largely around analyzing Twitter data, turning its algorithms loose on the Twitter firehose to highlight key events for traders, public officials and, now, journalists.

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Dataminr, Twitter unveil early news detection tool

29 Jan 2014:

In partnership with Twitter and CNN, New York-based startup Dataminr said Wednesday it has developed a Twitter-based tool that can be used by journalists to detect developing news and find story leads more quickly.

Dataminr, founded in 2009, has been selling its algorithm-based technology to Wall Street traders and government agencies, but has redesigned it to be suitable for journalists hungry for scoops. With more than 500 million tweets sent per day, Dataminr for News processes the mountains of data on Twitter and sends relevant breaking news alerts in real time. The alerts can be delivered through a desktop application, email, pop-up, instant messaging and text message. Journalists can set alerts based on their particular topics of interest and regions of focus.

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CNN And Twitter Partner With Dataminr To Create News Tool For Journalists

29 Jan 2014:

CNN is hosting a press event today to announce a partnership with Twitter and social analytics company Dataminr, resulting in a new tool called Dataminr For News.

Dataminr CEO Ted Bailey said the goal is to “alert journalists to information that’s emerging on Twitter in real time.” Basically, the technology looks at tweets and finds patterns that can reveal breaking news when it’s still in its “infancy”. Those alerts can be delivered in a variety of ways, including via desktop applications, email, mobile alerts, and pop-up alerts.

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CNN announces partnership with Twitter to ‘revolutionize’ news gathering

29 Jan 2014:

Twitter’s new head of news, Vivian Schiller, announced her first project today: a partnership with CNN and the New York startup Dataminr. The initiative will help journalists cover breaking news by making sense of the flood of public information on Twitter. Dataminr uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the Twitter firehose of data and highlight the needle in the haystack so CNN reporters can find the most important, relevant, and reliable facts and images from around the world.

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CNN Doubles Down on Twitter-Based Reporting With Dataminr Deal

29 Jan 2014:

Dataminr scans Twitter for patterns based on a variety of factors including language and location, which are then put through algorithms to select important events and present them to journalists as alerts. The company previously specialized in providing financial analysis of sentiment on Twitter. It rose to prominence by detecting the impending announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death before the major news outlets.
CNN president Jeff Zucker lauded the partnership as “a really improtant tool and resource as we continue to gather news,” in comments at Wednesday’s event. “There have been many examples already of how we’ve used Dataminr.”

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Twitter tool tells journalists what’s BREAKING!

29 Jan 2014:

We’ve known for sometime that Twitter is looking to make a move in the news game, but what that would look like was still unclear. Today, the blue bird’s intentions are starting to look a bit more concrete, with the announcement of Dataminr for News, a tool that pinpoints and alerts journalists of breaking news before every Joe with a dot com is tweeting about it. The tool, created in partnership with NY startup Dataminr, uses machine-learning algorithms to identify big and reliable stories and alert journalists via email, mobile alerts and other means.

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Breaking News From Twitter: There’s Breaking News on Twitter

29 Jan 2014:

News today from Twitter: Twitter would like to provide more of your news.
That’s the upshot of a press event in New York today, where Twitter, CNN and Dataminr, a Twitter-blessed data company, announced a new tool designed to help journalists find news on Twitter.

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New Twitter Tool Finds Hot Topics Before They Trend

29 Jan 2014:

By the time a topic is “trending” on Twitter, it’s probably old news already. Today in New York City, data-crunching company Dataminr announced a new tool for journalists. Its goal is to seek out news stories before they’re heavily reported.
Dataminr For News does this by scanning Twitter, albeit in a slightly different way from existing filter tools. The news-gathering tool was developed as a partnership with Twitter and CNN, whose reporters and editors have been using the software for six months and have helped shape it during that time.

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Twitter wants to help media partners find the news faster — and also help itself in the process

29 Jan 2014:

Twitter’s chief operating officer, Ali Rowghani, helped announce an interesting new product partnership today at an event in New York — a partnership between CNN and a company called Dataminr. The latter, which pays for access to the Twitter “firehose” of 500 million tweets a day, sells a tool that helps financial companies mine that information for useful signals. CNN now has access to a breaking-news version of that same tool, a kind of souped-up version of Tweetdeck, and soon other companies will as well, for a fee.

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CNN to Incorporate More Twitter Activity Into Coverage

29 Jan 2014:

CNN is working to make the flood of information on Twitter a more reliable source for its reporting.

The Time Warner-owned cable outlet said it had partnered with Dataminr, a New York-based company that uses technology to identify potential news breaks on Twitter, provide context, determine whether they are gaining momentum on the popular social-media site and then alert newsroom users to the availability and relative importance of the information.

Already, said CNN executives, Dataminr-identified tweets have begun to lead to about two stories per day at the news outlet.

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With new CNN partnership, Twitter gets more credit

29 Jan 2014:

When a cupcake shop in Brooklyn was mistakenly listed as an Obambacare enrollment site this October, Wolf Blitzer ran a short segment about it. “It’s a story we first read about on Twitter,” he began.
That’s an introduction that could soon become more common.

CNN announced today that they’ve been working with a startup called Dataminr to build a Twitter tool for news (the same tool that tipped Blitzer off to the cupcake shop story). During the testing period, the news network says, it discovered about two stories each day using the product, and it has attributed Twitter as a source while reporting them.

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Twitter Gears Up To Launch A TweetDeck On Steroids For Journalists

29 Jan 2014:

TweetDeck is already an insanely helpful tool for journalists, but it’s only useful if you know what you’re looking for.

Enter Dataminr for News, a soon-to-be released product that is the result of a partnership between CNN and Twitter.

The idea is to help journalists get the most out of Twitter by alerting them of emerging information in real time. Dataminr also offers analytics around who broke the news, and how it spread on Twitter.

In order to distinguish between accurate information and what just might be a hoax, Dataminr takes into account 25 different things to determine how legitimate the tweet is, including user influence, geolocation and momentum.

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Announcing Dataminr for News in partnership with Twitter & CNN

29 Jan 2014:

Announcing our upcoming launch of Dataminr for News, a new product developed in close partnership with Twitter and CNN. Dataminr for News will provide newsrooms around the world a powerful new technology to rapidly discover emerging information on Twitter.

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How Twitter Helps Hedge Funds Find Lucrative Stock Tips

7 Nov 2013:

A Canadian newspaper sent out a little-seen Tweet at 8:12 a.m. ET on Monday breaking the news that BlackBerry’s (BBRY) $4.7 billion buyout had gone up in flames.

Within seconds, the clients of real-time information discovery service Dataminr received an alert warning them about the news. The alert came a full three minutes before the wire services picked up the story, giving Dataminr’s sophisticated clients like hedge funds precious time to short BlackBerry before its stock eventually plummeted 21%.

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Startup Dataminr claims it gave investors a three-minute headstart to dump BlackBerry stock

4 Nov 2013:

Dataminr, a startup focused on analyzing the world’s tweets in real time in order to predict specific trends or activity, is claiming it gave users tracking stock-market activity a three-minute heads up on Monday morning that BlackBerry’s stock was about to tank.

As the graphic below shows, the company noted a tweet from the Toronto-based Globe and Mail newspaper that BlackBerry was giving up its search for a buyer and instead replacing its CEO. The tweet (embedded below) happened at 8:12 a.m. Eastern Time, followed up by a news story at 8:15 a.m. By 8:19 a.m., BlackBerry stock had fallen more than 20 percent.

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Twitter’s Data Business Proves Lucrative

7 Oct 2013:

Five minutes before news of last week’s Capitol Hill shooting broke on TV, Dataminr subscribers got an alert to take action-giving them a leg up on the news that led the S&P Index to drop by 20 points five minutes later.

Dataminr’s algorithms spotted just a handful of early eyewitness shooting reports posted on Twitter and instantaneously deduced from their timing, along with the Tweeters’ influence and physical location that something urgent was happening.

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Dataminr Secures $30 Million Amid Twitter-Scanning Success

12 Jun 2013:

Dataminr Inc., the New York City startup that mines Twitter for tradable news, has raised an additional $30 million in private funding from venture capital firms.

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Dataminr raises $30M to keep surfacing the most significant tweets

12 Jun 2013:

Twitter deserves praise for giving millions of people access to real-time information from people, companies and other organizations. But the more people you follow, the harder it is to spot the important tweets. Dataminr’s software solves this problem by cruising through hundreds of millions of tweets a day and sending alerts on the most important ones. That way, customers don’t need to spend hours keeping their eyes glued to the screen.

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Dataminr raises $30M for lightening quick response to Twitter ‘hotspots’

12 Jun 2013:

Dataminr has closed $30 million for its real time analytics service that helps enterprise clients keep tabs on the pulse of their industry. The company takes social media data and analyzes it for “hotspots of activity.” The system then creates a customized signal stream of market relevant information, noteworthy events, and emerging trends that clients can refer to while making decisions.

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