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‘Alt’ Data as Political Risk Manager

13 Mar 2017:

The 45th president of the United States has shown that his 140-character Tweets have the power to move markets. Messages from European politicians may not have quite the same impact, yet investors continue to incorporate social media into their analysis of political risk.

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Growing influence of social media makes it a vital tool for investors

13 Mar 2017:

Social media has become a pervasive news source since it first emerged in the early 2000’s, becoming so influential that in today’s hyper volatile financial landscape it can even move markets.

Among the financial community, legendary investor Warren Buffet has some 1.23 million followers on Twitter, while US President Donald Trump – well known for his prolific tweeting activity both before and since entering office – has over 24 million followers. When influential people Tweet, the world takes notice.

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The Kings of Data: How Dataminr uses billions of public tweets to monitor the entire world

3 Mar 2017:

If information is power, then Dataminr reigns supreme. With real-time access to every public Twitter post, the US-headquartered firm is uniquely placed offer its client’s on-the-ground breaking news alerts from situations that really matter – terror attacks, school shootings, financial crashes.

“When you think about the advent of social media and what that has meant for the world it’s completely changed how people communicate and how people publish information,” Peter Bailey, Dataminr’s chief strategy officer (CSO) told IBTimes UK in an exclusive interview.

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How Wall Street Makes Money from Tweets

2 Mar 2017:

Peter Bailey, chief strategy officer of Dataminr, speaks with Newsweek senior writer and finance editor Leah McGrath Goodman about how his Goldman Sachs-backed firm turns tweets and other public information into market intelligence that makes Wall Street money.

Bailey was speaking at Newsweek‘s Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Capital Markets conference, in London, March 1.

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Markets Watch Trump Tweets

8 Feb 2017:

Wall Street is paying particularly close attention to Trump’s tweets for one simple reason: they move markets. The president has moved individual stocks by criticizing U.S. manufacturing companies for moving factories abroad and pharmaceutical companies for drug prices; more broadly, tweets offering clues on foreign policy and trade deals — or wars — have the potential to stir volatility.

“Washington is a big driver of the market, and there’s so much uncertainty in Washington right now,” said George Goldman, vice president and head of finance sales at alternative-data provider Dataminr. “Communicating a change in policy used to be via the state of the union address or a press conference. Now it’s being done via Twitter. It has upended the traditional way of communicating.”

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To reach journalists on their home turf, Dataminr launches a Slack integration

6 Feb 2017:

Journalists are busy. Between Facebook, Twitter, email and — oh, yeah, actual face-to-face interviews — the last thing reporters want to do is check another window.

Into this attention-starved funhouse enters Dataminr, which since 2014 has served as a kind of early warning system for journalists searching for breaking news stories. Dataminr’s algorithms sift through every tweet, roughly a half-billion per day, to identify big stories as they’re beginning to surface.

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#BreakingNews: We’re working with Slack to transform how news teams collaborate in real-time

31 Jan 2017:

We’re thrilled to be a platform partner of Slack for the launch of Slack Enterprise Grid! Together we’re transforming how media organizations collaborate in real-time around breaking news.

The enterprise-ready Dataminr for News Slack App delivers the fastest tips to breaking and pre-viral news stories into a dedicated channel, allowing quick, seamless collaboration within media organizations.


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Dataminr selected to the 2017 AI 100, Highlighting Advancements in Business Intelligence and Analytics

11 Jan 2017:

CB Insights today selected Dataminr to the prestigious Artificial Intelligence 100 list (“AI 100″), a select group of emerging private companies working on ground breaking artificial intelligence technology. CB Insights CEO and co-founder, Anand Sanwal, revealed the winners during The Innovation Summit, a gathering of top executives and investors to explore the industries of the future.

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First Draft prepares for a big year ahead with the support of 40 new partners

4 Jan 2017:

“In the past few months, our network has doubled in size and we are delighted to welcome new members, including The Associated Press, ABC News, BBC News, Banjo, Bloomberg, Dataminr, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the Guardian, NBC, NowThis, Rappler, Reuters, Sky News, Trinity Mirror and Zeit Online.”

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‘Early Days’ For Alternative Data

7 Dec 2016:

“I think in three to five years, everyone will be using alternative data,” said George Goldman, Vice President and Head of Finance Sales at Dataminr. “It’s not an if, it’s a when do people figure out how to incorporate this into their investment processes. If you’re not at least thinking about it now, you’re going to be left behind.”

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Breaking News for Public Safety

15 Nov 2016:

Dataminr offers breaking news alerting products that help over 300 news organizations and hundreds of investment firms & corporations learn about breaking news and breaking events before mainstream coverage. A limited version of our breaking news alerting product is also available to the FBI, ensuring that they are also alerted to the same emerging stories and events as early as possible. Knowing about breaking news quickly is key for ensuring public safety and the fastest emergency response. Dataminr is not a product that enables surveillance.


‘Alt’ Data as Risk Manager

3 Nov 2016:

One source of alternative data that can help manage risk is social media, Twitter for example. The microblogging platform’s feed is a virtual firehose of unstructured data. While the vast majority of tweets may be irrelevant or immaterial to an active investment manager, there are data points that can be deployed in the mission-critical quest to manage risk.

“The presence of a signal that looks like it will cause market volatility, is in itself a useful indicator in risk management,” said George Goldman, Vice President – Head of Finance Sales at Dataminr. “From there you can at least alert someone in the risk management group that there is potential volatility ahead.”

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Data’s Holy Grail: Differentiation

20 Oct 2016:

“There is some commoditized data coming out of Twitter, from the very well-known commentators or experts, or verified accounts such as CEOs of companies and corporations themselves,” said Justin Manikas, a product and business development director at Dataminr. “That information is available to pretty much anyone who has internet access.” Dataminr’s business is to turn the entire universe of publically available Tweets into real-time actionable information.

“The real differentiated insights come from the rest of the Twitter universe, from the relatively unknown users who are not coming to the table with a financial background,” Manikas said.

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‘Alternative’ Data Moving Mainstream

30 Sep 2016:

Recognizing the value in the information on Twitter and other social media outlets — and the difficulty in distilling it — a bevy of fintech entrepreneurs has emerged to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. While observers note that the development and utilization of such tools are in the early innings, the methodology is making money for people today.

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5 Ways Social Media is Changing Corporate Security

27 Sep 2016:

Your phone chirps. It’s a text from the CEO. She is asking about the attempted coup in Ankara. How will it affect the supply chain? What is the contingency plan? Unfortunately, the incident happened about 45 minutes ago — this is the first you’re hearing about it.

Social media is transforming corporate security in fundamental ways. Dataminr’s Dillon Twombly details the five trends chief security officers, intelligence analysts and others need to consider when building a social media strategy.

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Dataminr for News Enters Continental Europe, signing deal with France Info

6 Sep 2016:

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Dataminr, the leading company that turns real time social media into actionable alerts, has announced this month that France Info, a part of the Radio France company has become the first commercial client in continental Europe.

This agreement is the first of its kind on the continent and signals a growing shift by digital media executives turning to software solutions to strengthen the newsgathering process.

The expansion into continental Europe is a natural development following the high adoption rate in newsrooms across the U.S. and other parts of the world. Journalists find having Dataminr in their workflow to be indispensable in helping them be fast, accurate and differentiated in the increasingly competitive news landscape.

France Info acquired the Dataminr for News product as it continues to carry out an aggressive digital growth strategy that focuses on delivering the most relevant stories to its four million daily listeners across a number of platforms. The 24-hour news broadcaster continues to focus on adding tools that enhance coverage and ensure they are reporting on the stories that matter the most to its audience.

“Dataminr for News has alerted us to a number of major news events ahead of other sources, including the bombing of the Brussels airport and the 14 July Nice attack,” said Laurent Frisch, Head of Digital at Radio France. “Enabling us to start our newsgathering process earlier allows us to focus on the best ways to tell the story.” Developed in partnership with Twitter, Dataminr for News applies proprietary algorithms and processes to the firehose of 500 million publicly available tweets to deliver journalists real-time leads for them to investigate further.

“Aligning with France Info as our flagship News partner in the French market enables Dataminr to be a key part of their innovative news gathering process,” said Steven Schwartz, President of News at Dataminr. “We will continue to seek partnerships with similarly-focused organizations throughout Europe as our global footprint expands.”

Dataminr alerts are customized based on a user’s topics of interest and regions of focus and delivered seamlessly into their existing workflow via the application, email, mobile, Slack or TweetDeck. Dataminr for News is currently used in more than 200 newsrooms across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., the Middle East and Asia.

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The watchers: Alternative-data firms are shedding new light on corporate performance

20 Aug 2016:

Early this year a local reporter tweeted that the FBI was raiding the offices of United Development Funding, a sponsor of real-estate investment trusts in Grapevine, Texas. It took other investors around ten minutes to hear the news and to push its shares down by 50%, by which time Dataminr’s clients had been able to short them.

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Dataminr solves Twitter’s ‘needle in haystack’ problem for hedge funds and banks

18 Aug 2016:

Dataminr is one of the few companies able to handle the entire publicly available Twitter dataset (known as the firehose), using the platform’s wide swath of data to build smarter algorithms and better real-time alerts for its clients. Today, Dataminr says the learning curve from complete real-time data access over years is key to how it services business verticals in finance, corporate security, news gathering, and within the public space.

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From Novelty to Utility: How Dataminr and the Alternative Data Industry is Becoming Mainstream

16 Aug 2016:

As fast as news is reported now by traditional media outlets, by the time the information hits the headlines, the market has already priced it in. The key is getting ahead of the crowd.

That’s where Dataminr has essentially cornered the market. The company leverages the power of perhaps the most effective real-time user-generated content platform in the world: Twitter.

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FORTUNE: How Investors Are Using Social Media to Make Money

7 Dec 2015:

“Hedge funds are increasingly using services like Dataminr to gather lightning-quick intel on social media.”

Today, Dataminr specializes in identifying black-swan events, or “unknown unknowns,” as Bailey calls them, before the market reacts. It uses machine learning and cross-references 30 other data sets—from maps to triangulate users’ locations, to patent data, to stocks’ movement—to identify tweets and trends with impact, based on unusual patterns and “clusters” of similar tweets.

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